Sunday, July 15, 2012

White Plastic Bag a.k.a the Notorious B.A.G

Hi there!

Humanities - what a class! 

Our professor today made us watch, on the theme of Baroque-era music and its emphasis on consistency and repetition (versus music that came before and after it), modern-day commercials which he claims are developed with the same idea, so their messages imbibe themselves in our minds (case study: "Good times, great taste, McDonalds"). 


He then split us into two groups and made us come up with our own live musical presentation to advertise... a, well, white plastic bag. We came up with a classic type of chorus with rap sandwhiched inbetween which yours truly wrote. Here it goes (try not to vomit or spray your drink over your monitor :) ):

Me and my bag, perfect together
My and my bag, now and forever 

I'm easy to store, work every chore,
Stay on the shelf, or hang on the door,
Value for money, I'm down to earth,
Cost next to nothing, I hold hundred's in worth.
Use me light, or use me heavy,
For your groceries, I'm ever-ready,
Always steady, I say no never,
Me and my bag, now and forever

Me and my bag, perfect together
My and my bag, now and forever 

I'm white and roomy, plain coloured,
Easy-to-use-me, its easy to choose me,
Your transparent friend, you see right through me.
I hold your stuff, and hold 'em tough,
Keep your eggs safe, give 'em extra love.
Softer than Gucci, more flashy than Louis, 
When you go to the market, you - include me. 

Me and my bag, perfect together
My and my bag, now and forever 

Which bag is best? "The B.A.G!"
Which bag beats the rest? "The B.A.G!"
The bag that is deep? "The B.A.G!"
The bag on the streets? "The B.A.G!"

Needless to say this horrible and self-degrading excuse of a rap song won the day and bagged us some extra points ;) (how many puns can you pull out?)

It's been nearly three years since I remotely attempted poetry so being able to place a few rhyming words in sequence gave me the greatest hope that one day I might be able to look the part in baggy jeans and oversized caps - probably in 'I know what you did last summer' part 15. 

Hah. I'm out. Cya'll :)