Sunday, January 26, 2014

Beginning and Continuing

Beginning is easy. Continuing is difficult.


Beginning is easy. Continuing is challenging.


Beginning is easy. Continuing is possible.

Continuing is possible... and so the world continues.

To the continuum of peace, love, hope and prayer.

Every blessed day.


Thursday, November 07, 2013


To speak straight, or create, 

Or sit or employ movement?

Shift feet in distaste, or work in amusement?

Interlaced lives tie up loose-ends in improvement,

The social status haste to stay in the moment,

Man's aim in hiatus wastes the content.

Sit back, reflect, what is essential?

The act in respect that follows is the consequential

Intact and in check, money is instrumental,

But the mind monumental, 

And character fundamental.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Just try.

Try. Just... try. Even if you fail you will learn something. 

Like a watch hand, that never ceases/
Like the pulse of a hand inspiring a thesis/
The writing releases/ Amends through tunnels, roadblocks and endless ends/
New beginnings paramount to fresh fronts, new trends and scents/
Traces of new strengths, on a daily basis/
Trading places, a new grace in every trip through all the spaces/
Dream of a time-ship travelling to all the races, and break it down into pieces of bizzare/ 

Memories that pass us by like a shooting star/
Just try and you will get far, because/
All your thoughts and every story/ 

Every able wish leads to a, century of glory/ 
Keep on storing, the energy to keep on soaring/
Defeat the boring, and explain your dreams/
Soul passag-es, heart chapters and the moody themes/
Adage-this, capture the means/

To break them down into pieces of bizzare/
Memories that pass us by like a shooting star/
Just try, and you will get far.

Just try, and you will get far. 

You might not get very far in real terms, but you will learn something. And then you'll go far afterward. When you have the chance. So that's what I mean. Don't worry about it too much. 

And, endless happiness...

(...stems from endless gratitude.)

Share it with others. Those who don't have it or can't get it by themselves. Lift others up with you as you go along the way; the small signpost we set up becomes a big road map for them. 


Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Final Call

The humdrum of the lounge fills the ears as the world around makes it way, not bothering about - though at the same time caring enough not to interrupt - the caressing of auditory signals against the earlobe that want to swim into the mind and pronounce themselves distinct within it. As the consciousness fades into the semi-sphere of wake and vision recedes from the front eyes, the smooth unbroken fabric of the blue or red-dyed chair relaxes a bit more under, taking the shape of the posterior and hoping to seduce another few hours’ sleep from someone it is happy is only half the average weight.

But in another galaxy not far away, the u-boats of the voiceful opposition reach the shores of mental comprehension and various units of intelligence disembark in order to mount an offensive against the motor neurons of relaxation in their quest to capture the hill of attention and wave the flag of logic. After an endless - which is defined by science as a couple of minutes - battery assault combining weapons of chemical stimulation and analogue sensory bombardment, the invading forces manage to overrun the field of thought and flip the lever of activity from dormant to operational, and so are granted autonomy of the moment by way of waking up into the world once more and lifting a sleepy eyelid at the airport clock.

After an eternal - which is defined by science as a nanosecond - jolt no further persuasion is required when you realize the coma of pleasure has extended hours beyond its original timeframe and you have shifted, rather involuntarily, into a different time zone in the exact same location. Shifting gears manually in the body command center, suddenly the left and right extensions of the body – which science prefers to call hands and legs – are mobilised in an incredible feat of power, with the hands and legs protruding outward and rotating upward in conjunction with other internal structure beams. As the earth readies to be tested with a rapidly increasing amount of weight, the chair sighs, reversing the position of fabric from sagging to being lifted by the air that floats between the spaces in the foam. The next one will be a biggie.

As shoe soles squeak on marble you realise you've overslept after work.  

The airport chair next to the coffee machine sits three floors above the runway below where four wheels rolling on the small side-road hoist the body and soul of a staff shuttle bus that chugs along to the driving symmetry of the airport staff. The bus coughs slightly as the axle changes the direction of the vehicle to include a curbside carstop in the roster - which is defined by management as a schedule - of locations it will have to pay a visit to. Returning to the third floor, the visual gaze flinches in the style of demured alertness, and so the audio inlets on either side of the face compensate for the delay in receiving the “show and tell” of the world.

You realise the soft and pleasant-to-hear woman's voice announcing the final call of a flight is what has been trying to enter your mind ever since you slumped across that chair. The politeness is unmistakeable as her voice, like a chocolate bar to the tongue, encourages travellers to make haste toward their departing swoops in the air like a spiritual leader calls toward the embellishment of religion and practice of prayer. The matter is brought to a satisfactory end of play and you swing your bag across your shoulders, flat-footing towards your share of the city's four walled clearances of indulgence, comprehending she was just trying to tell you nicely - which is defined by humanity as kindness - not to miss your own final call for the walk back home.  


Sunday, July 15, 2012

White Plastic Bag a.k.a the Notorious B.A.G

Hi there!

Humanities - what a class! 

Our professor today made us watch, on the theme of Baroque-era music and its emphasis on consistency and repetition (versus music that came before and after it), modern-day commercials which he claims are developed with the same idea, so their messages imbibe themselves in our minds (case study: "Good times, great taste, McDonalds"). 


He then split us into two groups and made us come up with our own live musical presentation to advertise... a, well, white plastic bag. We came up with a classic type of chorus with rap sandwhiched inbetween which yours truly wrote. Here it goes (try not to vomit or spray your drink over your monitor :) ):

Me and my bag, perfect together
My and my bag, now and forever 

I'm easy to store, work every chore,
Stay on the shelf, or hang on the door,
Value for money, I'm down to earth,
Cost next to nothing, I hold hundred's in worth.
Use me light, or use me heavy,
For your groceries, I'm ever-ready,
Always steady, I say no never,
Me and my bag, now and forever

Me and my bag, perfect together
My and my bag, now and forever 

I'm white and roomy, plain coloured,
Easy-to-use-me, its easy to choose me,
Your transparent friend, you see right through me.
I hold your stuff, and hold 'em tough,
Keep your eggs safe, give 'em extra love.
Softer than Gucci, more flashy than Louis, 
When you go to the market, you - include me. 

Me and my bag, perfect together
My and my bag, now and forever 

Which bag is best? "The B.A.G!"
Which bag beats the rest? "The B.A.G!"
The bag that is deep? "The B.A.G!"
The bag on the streets? "The B.A.G!"

Needless to say this horrible and self-degrading excuse of a rap song won the day and bagged us some extra points ;) (how many puns can you pull out?)

It's been nearly three years since I remotely attempted poetry so being able to place a few rhyming words in sequence gave me the greatest hope that one day I might be able to look the part in baggy jeans and oversized caps - probably in 'I know what you did last summer' part 15. 

Hah. I'm out. Cya'll :)