Thursday, June 20, 2013

Just try.

Try. Just... try. Even if you fail you will learn something. 

Like a watch hand, that never ceases/
Like the pulse of a hand inspiring a thesis/
The writing releases/ Amends through tunnels, roadblocks and endless ends/
New beginnings paramount to fresh fronts, new trends and scents/
Traces of new strengths, on a daily basis/
Trading places, a new grace in every trip through all the spaces/
Dream of a time-ship travelling to all the races, and break it down into pieces of bizzare/ 

Memories that pass us by like a shooting star/
Just try and you will get far, because/
All your thoughts and every story/ 

Every able wish leads to a, century of glory/ 
Keep on storing, the energy to keep on soaring/
Defeat the boring, and explain your dreams/
Soul passag-es, heart chapters and the moody themes/
Adage-this, capture the means/

To break them down into pieces of bizzare/
Memories that pass us by like a shooting star/
Just try, and you will get far.

Just try, and you will get far. 

You might not get very far in real terms, but you will learn something. And then you'll go far afterward. When you have the chance. So that's what I mean. Don't worry about it too much. 

And, endless happiness...

(...stems from endless gratitude.)

Share it with others. Those who don't have it or can't get it by themselves. Lift others up with you as you go along the way; the small signpost we set up becomes a big road map for them. 


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