Friday, May 27, 2005


Well, hi everybody. Personal writing isn't really my thing and this page does look a bit empty...soooo, it seems I'll have to get some work done. You'll have to wait though, exams start on the 30th (yikes!), and my school will continue to bombard me with boredom, desperation and such and such until the 11th of June. And to add to that, I go back to Dial-up from DSL June the first. Go figure, I'm feeling pretty miserable already.
Of course everything can't really be bad. I mean, if you look at dial-up from another angle, it IS internet. And something is better than nothing. Hopefully I'll find something to do during the summer. Until then though, you won't see very much of me (except for that picture there).

Right when you go to my profile, the first thing you notice is I'm a car enthusiast. You can’t say no to the tire-smokin’, exhaust kickin’, slick-tearin’, tyre-shreddin’, tail-out wheel-spoke malarke. That shouted out, I often say that car enthusiasts take cars to themselves more importantly than other fans of something their whole life. We take it more importantly than football enthusiasts take, um, football, for example. Cars are just something I would call “everyday”. They may strap your wallet if they get thirsty very often (yeah, that was just the humiliation the Americans brought us, but anyway…), but hey, at least its better than running around a field all day. I like, and play football as well. Not to the extent I go on about cars, but just enough. To me football is like tea, if you drink a glass, you just gotta have another. It's very addicting. But for absolutely no purpose. Which is why I don't play it too much, nor drink tea for that matter.

Ok, no offense there really. Of course, what I say isn't really true (just to keep you happy). There are lots of music enthusiasts, animal enthusiasts and football enthusiasts among others who take their interests just as car enthusiasts take cars. What I do really mean to say is that cars are more everywhere than anything else. You need to be at the right place to see or watch, or football, or play music, or listen to music. But you see cars absolutely everywhere. Step outside your house and wala! They’re there! Of course, cars just honking and '''strolling'' up and down the street' can get a bit boring at times. But if you have a camera…

Yeah, Photography. Photography is another thing I think 'rocks'. Photography is very unpredictable, any small moments lost could take away the whole picture. You just have to get the angle, the light, the reflection and what not absolutely right. It’s the challenge. Where the landscape challenges you do it. "Take me! Let me see if you can feel what I'm feeling." is what it says. EVERY photo is a different person. It’s something completely different. It gives you a different feel, and every picture has character of its own. Even two pictures of the same place or object taken at different shutter rates. Unfortunately though, I DON'T have a camera. No, I don't. I'm being very optimistic though, maybe someone will give me one for my birthday :)

I'll try to update every week. Of course, on exam days I get to come home early, so I might be able to steal a few minutes everyday. Except the day before my maths though, just have to get it in my head once before I go to that paper. Anyways, did you enjoy this piece of light reading? Please stop a few seconds to drop a compliment or comment, or even criticism, be it conservative or down-right nasty. If there is a particular picture of something you'd like, fire away your request here and you may just be lucky if I can get it, or if I have it. Of course, I DO NOT have access to NASA nor am I planning to hack into their computers anytime soon, so don't go asking me for those space photos from the Hubble. It's too bad they had to dismantle it anyway....farewell Hubble! And kudos to anyone who even bothered to get their butts up here. Personal journals can be boring, I speak from experience ;)

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Yo dis is da shit bro kick ass man dude. luv ya. mwah! XXXOXOXOXXXOOOOOOOOO├Â

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