Saturday, November 04, 2006


"Habari!" :- The typical way of saying “Hi!” in Swahili. Swahili, my mother tongue, originated in one thousand-something and irritating people since. Swahili is actually called Kiswahili, but everybody prefers the short form thingy. “Habari!” actually means “Hi, how are you?” at different point of times. So when you get the jest of a “how are you?” in there, you can most respectfully reply by saying, “Zuri!”, which relates to conveying a positive reply. And just to clarify things a bit, the very-famous-very-popular-thanks-to-Walt-Disney sentence, “Hakuna Matata!” also originates from the same, recited by Timon and Pumba in spectacular style. One thing to sue Walt Disney Corp. for: Making it sound so comical. C’mon, it sounds so childish now, after The Lion King debuted it to the world. Imagine you go to a person and he has a problem, and you just know he’s going to tick when you try and console him, but suddenly “Hakuna Matata!” just pops right outta your mouth. He’s probably going to look at you like he’s looking at the world's most disgusting cockroach. And that's probably going to be the last thing you see if it's Chuck Norris. So, we can all unite to sue Walt Disney Corp for a 1.3 billion dollars. Oh wait, does anybody even use the term anymore? What am I ranting on about? The goodness of ranting or wasting other people's time? Oh well, there goes my chance for the 1.3 billion dollars. But give me chocolate, and I'll be happy. It's rather too obvious I've written out of boredom but please drop by a comment or compliment on my work, any suggestions or just requests for anything perticular ("certain periodicals", you may call it).



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