Tuesday, February 06, 2007

You just won't guess.

I never think about writing my blog before I actually WRITE my blog. The main reason, I believe, is because each set of words and other Englisy stuff that you wouldn't want to read about belongs to an individual and you can never put one over the other, so to speak. If you do you're smarter than I thought you were. No big heads though people, THIS room is already filled. :)

Readers of my previous (most currently unexisting) blogs will remember the "smooth link" drive that I shamelessly nicked from Top Gear (google it) the one which makes sure that various entities of utter rubbish written at least make sense grammatically (IF possible - if not then that becomes my job) and connects with the next entity of blah blah blah written and isn't random. Through I secretly harbor a great distaste for this sort of waste of time (I usually prefer to watch paint on walls dry) and attention-gaining tactic, I use it because it IS an attention gaining tactic. Don't look at me like that. I'm desperately attempting to relate "school" to "dumb" (and I think it worked too) and you might as well help. We could create an epilogue to signify just how important it might be (note: MIGHT be) to daydream in class (which is always what I'm doing) and the answer might just pop out some day.
Who knows?

But while you're here anyway on this journey of expansive and possibly greater infinitive crap, my philosophy is to make the best of it and hit people with rubber bands (thats mature rationality thrown outta the window...). I know you phantom readers would squabble on just how you can operate a rubber band so I'll tell you. But not now, next year. Coming back to general school, well, my honest point of view is that while it's not enjoyable it's still fun. How come? Well, look at it like this (girls - you won't be able to follow from here onward):
Paintball, get-hit and most.of the time you seriously don't enjoy it but it's still fun, coprendo? In the same way, school might be that huge nail that really really drives it up your *insert whatever word required* sometimes and especially in the mornings when you've just had an all-nighter but keep cool, bay the points in, arm yourself with clich├ęs, purposely go with your uniform ironed but your shoes filthy with an adidas cap run sideways, and prepare to get into a whole lot of trouble, and even more fun.


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