Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Believe

I believe in a world where ten people don't have to be poor because one is rich. I believe in a world where goodness can overcome the awkwardness of evil and where affinity will replace domination and harsh command. I believe in a world where every human being exerts themselves to the maximum, because they have the reason to, because they believe in a purpose, and because they have been provided the resources to commit to it fully rather than be distracted by the energy-sapping facets of poverty, greed, disability, powerlessness and unchivalric attitude of the controlling few.

I believe in a world where belief prevails and union is the soul of discussion. I believe in a world where the common interest is widespread and where the musings of selfishness are curbed, and converted or eliminated. I believe in a world where two nations bordering each other are not on opposing corners of the universe and where those who are, are so purely because of physical distance and not any lack of outreaching ability or effort.

I believe in a world where the rulers will sit together on carpets of tar in-front of the teeming millions of inhabitants and the city dwellers who make up a hundred and one percent of a civil society. I believe in a world where they will talk openly about what has been done and what has to be done and what the people who will be affected by these think about it. I believe in a world where the people will be selfless enough to not drive the agenda and their needs only and actually perpetuate a form of action that will imbibe fairness into every grain of sand, every crystal of salt, every tear-shaped drop of water, every weathered and cut line in the flesh of human beings and animals.

As intelligent beings our primary function is to use this intelligence for the progress of mankind and his environment; socially, economically, spiritually. So the question to pose is, is it natural that we tend to differ on aspects of existence down to the very last minitae due to unhindered thought processes, vastly contrasting living circumstances and methods of personality development? Or is it a paradox because we have just one supreme goal in common and thus our lives should theoretically be engineered such as to promote the smooth flow of man's direction toward it?

Until I have the answers to these questions and more, I'm pretty sure my world is just a belief. But then again, maybe, maybe - that is our starting point. Belief.


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